What Are the Advantages of Wooden Conservatories?

Wooden conservatories are a great way to add to the appeal of any property and enhance its outdoor space. As with most traditional building materials, wood is also popular because of the ease and flexibility of their use and ability to be modified according to individual requirements. A timber conservatory can be a classic and elegant addition to a property, complete with matching wooden shutters. Here we will look at the main features of wooden conservatories to make it easier for you to decide whether to go this route wooden conservatories.

Wooden Conservatories – Key Features: Double-glazed, high-U-Value glazed wooden casement window with secure locks. Hand crafted, hardwood or softwood frames in your choice of frame, various color schemes and over 180 shades to choose from.

– Variety of wooden frames – The number of choices available means that you can find one to suit every need and budget, and the variety of designs means that you won’t feel limited to a single type of wooden conservatory. The wood used will vary, with some styles being stronger and more durable than others, and some offering more natural coloration and texture.

– Types of wood – The variety of wood is endless, meaning that you can find a conservatory made from almost any kind of wood. For example, there are wood conservatories that have been fashioned from cherry, birch or teak wood, which are excellent for those who enjoy hunting for old growth trees in the area. If you want something more modern and sophisticated, you could choose teak wood as it is easy to stain. In terms of color, there’s a wide range from mahogany to grey, giving your conservatory a classy and sophisticated look conservatories.

– Weather resistance – As wood is exposed to the elements it is important that it is weather resistant and this is achieved by the use of special treatment and treatments. This makes them very suitable for those who want to add to their property’s appeal without having to spend a fortune on maintaining it year round.

As you can see, there is a huge range of options available when it comes to buying a property with wooden conservatories. A good idea is to talk to your local builder about their options so that you can be sure you get a bespoke solution to your needs.

They will be able to give you an idea of what you need and recommend a great way to go about getting it. As with anything else, you should always ask your builder about the company they work for, because they should have the relevant insurance and should have been rated by the Building Research Establishment (BREE).

Wooden conservatories can provide many benefits to you and your family, and are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. You may be surprised at just how much it is worth choosing this option over other options such as solar panels or wind turbines, although of course, if you want the added benefit of saving money then go for it and get your conservatory now. Why not book a free consultation online to discuss your options and help decide which one is the best.

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